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Besides custom occasional poetry, Verse-Case Scenario also offers you the option of a musical gift. This can be new, humorous lyrics to a familiar song, or even an entirely new number created just for you and the recipient.

The same creative process that I employ for my poetry applies here. But, in the case of complete songs, the discussion also includes the style of song you might want—rock, country, folk, jazz, pop…they’re all possible.

I bring in experienced songwriters and musicians to create (or help with the creation of) the music. Naturally, this means I’ll need a longer timeframe to return the finished creation. So, please, if a song fills the bill for you, let me know as far in advance as possible.

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Verse-Case Scenario Custom, one-of-a-kind poems written for a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, a birth any occasion when an old-hat gift just won't do.