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Here are a few examples of poetry-for-hire that I’ve created in the last few years. I hope they’ll prove to you that I can deliver a poem that says exactly what you want to say, and says it with true artistry.

marshall's song

This song lyric was written to commemorate Marshall’s second birthday.  The birth was quite difficult and dangerous for both mother and child, but they’re fine today. “Boo-Boo” is the little boy’s nickname.

debbie's song

This lyric was created to be part of an engagement gift package—along with the traditional diamond ring, of course.

congratulations poem

I wrote this poem to congratulate a friend on the launch of her personal counseling service. The “butterfly” imagery refers directly to the graphics on the friend’s announcement mailing.

congratulations poem

For my wife’s retirement from teaching, I created this new lyric for a song written by the singer-songwriter Stew. In addition to recording the song, Stew and his band performed it live at Jean’s retirement party.

I’m comfortable working in a wide range of poem forms, including sonnets, limericks, haiku and more. I can write blank verse, free verse…or even short, heart-felt prose messages, if that’s your preference.

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